Out-of-State Certified Educators

If you hold a standard certificate and are seeking certification in Texas you must apply for a review of credentials.

Application Information

  1. Create an online account.
  2. Complete an application and pay the $180 non-refundable fee.
  3. Submit official transcripts from all colleges.
  4. Submit copies of all certificates.

Important Note for Educators with Student Services or Administration Certification

If you hold a student services or administration certificate but do not hold a classroom teaching certificate, you will need to submit documentation of two years of acceptable school experience in the area of your certification. You must send acceptable documentation on an official school service record (PDF, MB 1.01).

One-Year Certificate

Once you have completed the review of credentials, you may be issued a One-Year non-renewable certificate. While your One-Year certificate is valid, you must complete all appropriate tests to establish the standard certificate.

Standard Certificate

You must apply for a standard certificate once all requirements are met.

Comparable Out-of-State Tests

If you have completed a comparable out-of-state test you must apply for the review of credentials. If the test you completed is on the comparable out-of-state test chart, you must contact the testing company to have official scores to the TEA.