Instructional Materials Ordering Information

School districts and open-enrollment charter schools order instructional materials for each school year using the online ordering system known as EMAT. The following information may assist instructional materials coordinators in placing orders:

Instructional Materials Allotment Information
Multiple List Codes for School Year 2017-2018 (PDF)
Currently Adopted Instructional Materials
Instructional Materials Product Components by MLC

Publisher & Depository Contact Information (PDF)

EMAT Training

EMAT Training videos are provided to assist districts and charter schools in the instructional materials ordering process. 

EMAT Access 

The instructional materials online ordering system known as EMAT allows for two different roles—ordering access and view-only access.

Each district may assign up to two staff members as ordering access users to manage the ordering of instructional materials through EMAT. Users with this access submit all requisitions and disbursement requests through EMAT.

Each district may assign up to two staff members as view-only users. View-only users may view orders and reports in EMAT. The superintendent may consider assigning this role to such staff members as the curriculum director or the business manager.

Apply for access online at TEASE Applications Reference. There are no forms to print and sign, but if you are requesting an account for ordering access, you must complete the trainings available at EMAT Guidance (above) before access can be granted. Superintendents will be contacted automatically, via email, for TEASE and EMAT requests that are pending approval.


The forms linked to below are available to help instructional materials coordinators manage their districts’ materials.

Shipment Error Report, TEX-013 (PDF)
Sale or Disposal Notification Form (PDF)