Dropout Prevention and Recovery Resources

The following links include some of the available resources specifically targeted to dropout prevention and recovery.

15 Effective Strategies for Dropout Prevention (outside source)
These strategies were developed by Dr. Jay Smink, executive director of the National Dropout Prevention Center at Clemson University in association with Franklin P. Schargel.

America's Promise Alliance (outside source)
Founded by General Colin Powell, America's Promise Alliance forges strong and effective partnerships committed to seeing that children experience the fundamental resources they need to succeed at home, in school and out in the community.

Best Practices in Dropout Prevention Study (PDF)
This study, conducted by TEA to meet the requirements of House Bill 2237 passed by the Texas Legislature in 2007, identifies programs with the most potential for success in Texas, highly effective dropout prevention programs and strategies, and provides recommendations for legislative and other actions regarding dropout prevention efforts.

Boost (outside source)
Boost is a project sponsored by the U.S. Army to get people talking to teens about their graduation. The Web site offers alarm ringtones and wake-up calls by Phoenix Suns Amaré Stoudemire, a student video contest and parent guide.

Communities In Schools (CIS)
Communities In Schools is a dropout prevention program that uses a student case management system and coordinates community resources to help students successfully learn, stay in school and prepare for life.

Diplomas and Dropouts (outside source)
From the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, this report is an important first step in raising awareness that this nation is facing a significant college completion challenge.

Diplomas Count 2009: Broader Horizons The Challenge of College Readiness for All Students (outside source)
The annual Diplomas Count issue of Education Week, produced by the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center focuses on college readiness, provides a guide to key issues, debates and developments on the topic. On the Web site, you will find a link to the press kit and will also be able to access a variety of special Web-only features.

Dropout Recovery Resource Guide Literature Review (PDF)
Implemented by EGS Research & Consulting, this review of research on dropout recovery was done in preparation for the development of an online resource manual and technical assistance plan addressing dropout recovery and re-entry needs and practice in Texas.

Dropout Recovery Resource Guide (PDF)
The Dropout Recovery Resource Guide was developed for TEA based on information and findings associated with the following activities whose goal was to identify effective dropout recovery programs, strategies and practices.

Dropout Risk Factors and Exemplary Programs: A Technical Report  (PDF, outside source)
Compiled by the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network and Communities In Schools, this report identifies the risk factors significantly associated with dropping out of schools and identifies exemplary, evidence-based programs that target specific risk factors and conditions.

Grad Nation (outside source)
Grad Nation, commissioned by America's Promise and written by Robert Balfanz and John Bridgeland, is a guidebook that contains a roadmap to help communities tackle the dropout crisis. It is designed to help communities develop tailored plans for keeping students on track to graduates from high school and prepare for college, work and life.

Grant Opportunities
This site is a central resource for and link to all State and Federal grant opportunities administered by TEA. Grant seeking opportunities, grant management and administrative guidance, and other tools and resources are also included in this site.

Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Practice Guide: Dropout Prevention (PDF, outside source)
This guide provides specific recommendations for program design, development and implementation.

Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk (outside source)
The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk (MCPER) is dedicated to generating and disseminating empirically validated knowledge and practices to influence educators, researchers, policymakers, families, and other stakeholders who are striving to reduce academic, behavioral, and social risk in all learners, particularly those with disabilities.

National Dropout Prevention Center Network and National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities (outside source)
NSPC/N and NDPC-SD provide knowledge and promote networking for researchers, practitioners, policymakers and families to increase opportunities for youth in at-risk situations to receive the quality education and services necessary to successfully graduate from high school. The center maintains a database of model programs that have been found to be effective.

National High School Center (outside source)
The National High School Center, based at the American Institutes for Research, provides the latest research, user-friendly tools and products, and high-quality technical assistance on high school improvement issues.

On the Front Lines of Schools (outside source)
Based on a national survey of teachers and principals, the report by Civic Enterprises and funded by the AT&T Foundation reveals among other top-line findings that less than one-third of teachers believe schools should expect all students to meet high academic standards, graduate with the skills to do college-level work, and provide extra support to struggling students to help them meet those standards. 

Own Your Own Future (outside source)
Own Your Own Future provides grade-appropriate information for middle and high school students and educators on postsecondary readiness, awareness, and success.  A resource of Texas GEAR UP, the site features multimedia content on topics including interest surveys, graduation plans, postsecondary options, the application process, and skills necessary to succeed after high school.

Secondary School Completion and Dropouts in Texas Public Schools
The Secondary School Completion and Dropouts in Texas Public Schools report provides information about state dropout rates and related information, including summaries on dropout and completion rate calculations.

The Silent Epidemic (outside source)
Dropout prevention resources for parents, educators, policymakers and students.

United States Department of Education High School Graduation Initiatives (outside source)
The purpose of the program is to support effective, sustainable and coordinated dropout prevention and reentry programs in high schools with annual dropout rates that exceed their state average annual dropout rate. Middle schools that have students who continue on to these high schools also are supported. The program provides grants to state education agencies (SEAs) and local education agencies (LEAs) to support school dropout prevention and re-entry efforts.

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