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TEA designed the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) to assess the progress that limited English proficient (LEP) students make in learning the English language.

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General Information about TELPAS

Use the link below to access information about TELPAS: 

 Educator Guide to TELPAS Grades K–12 (PDF posted 12/20/11)

Please note: Some features of the Educator Guide to TELPAS Grades K-12 are experiencing technical difficulties. However, the information contained in this guide is still current and valid.

2017 TELPAS Listening & Speaking Pilot Study Volunteer Sign-Up

The pilot study of the new TELPAS listening and speaking assessments will be conducted during the TELPAS testing window for 2017. The information obtained from the pilot study will inform test development and administration policy decisions going forward.

The survey link that will allow districts testing coordinators to indicate their commitment to participate in the TELPAS listening and speaking pilot in the spring of 2017 is now active and can be found by logging into Pearson Access Next under the Support tab.

Formal registration of individual students will take place through an upload to the TELPAS Assessment Management System later in the school year. In order to ensure that an adequate voluntary sample will participate in the pilot test, TEA requests that districts commit firm participation numbers prior to the close of business on November 11.
It is recommended that headsets used for the pilot be uni-directional with noise-cancelling microphones

Rater Training for 2016–2017

Use the links below to access presentations and other documents that can be used for training raters:

Introductory Training PowerPoints

Use the links below to access rater training presentations:

Other Rater Training Resources

Use the links below to access other rating training resources:

 TELPAS Parent Brochures

To assist districts with the task of helping parents understand their child's TELPAS test results, the Student Assessment Division has developed a PDF brochure entitled "Understanding the Confidential Student Report - A Guide for Parents." This brochure has three purposes:

  1. To give you some basic information about TELPAS,
  2. To explain a sample test report so that you can understand your child’s actual test report,
  3. To provide you with a short summary of each proficiency rating so that you will better understand the progress your child is making in learning English.

Grades K–1 English and Spanish 
Grades 2–12 English and Spanish

Additional Resources

The links below contain additional resources for ELL assessments:

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