Contact Information for the Office for Grants and Federal Fiscal Compliance

Please provide your name, county-district number, email address, and fax number when requesting information.

Office for Grants and Federal Fiscal Compliance:

1701 N. Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 463-8992 (phone)
(512) 463-9176 (fax) (email)

Division of Grants Administration:

(512) 463-8525 (phone)
(512) 463-7915 (fax)
(512) 463-9564 (eGrants fax)

For answers to grant- and expenditure-related questions, submit a request through the TEA Help Desk

Division of Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting:

(512) 463-9127 (phone)
(512) 463-9176 (fax) (email)

Division of Federal Fiscal Monitoring:

(512) 463-9918 (phone)
(512) 463-9176 (fax) (email)