Fine Arts

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The Curriculum Division provides direction and leadership for the state’s public school art, dance, music, and theatre programs for Kindergarten through grade 12. The Enrichment Education staff facilitate various fine arts statewide initiatives, including implementation of the fine arts Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and assistance to the TEA Division of Instructional Materials and Educational Technology for the adoption process for fine arts instructional materials.

Curriculum Standards

In April 2013, the State Board of Education gave final approval to revised fine arts TEKS for Kindergarten through grade 12. The revised fine arts TEKS are scheduled for implementation in the 2015-2016 school year. The revised TEKS are available online alongside the TEKS currently in effect. The revised TEKS are indicated by the phrase “Adopted, 2013” in the title.

Fine Arts Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills 19 TAC Chapter 117

Professional Development

Fine Arts TEKS Icon
An online professional development course designed to introduce educators to the revised fine arts TEKS will be available summer 2015.

The professional development course is designed to

  • highlight the differences between the existing fine arts TEKS and the revised fine arts TEKS that will be implemented in the 2015–2016 school year, and
  • identify ways teachers can update lessons to meet the requirements of the revised standards.

The following link provides information regarding professional development for the fine arts TEKS.

Professional Development Opportunity: Fine Arts TEKS Overview, Grades K–12

      Community-Based Fine Arts Programs

      In accordance with the Texas Administrative Code and local district policy, school districts and open-enrollment charter schools may allow a student to satisfy the fine arts credit required for graduation on the Foundation High School Program by participating in a community-based fine arts program not provided by the district or charter school in which the student is enrolled. The fine arts program must provide instruction in the essential knowledge and skills identified for fine arts by the State Board of Education.

      School districts and charter schools must apply to the commissioner of education for approval of each community-based fine arts program. Details regarding the application process can be found in the documents listed below:

      Requesting Approval of Community-Based Fine arts Programs Instructions (PDF, 61KB)

      Frequently Asked Questions

      FAQs related to fine arts requirements on the Foundation High School Program are available on the House Bill (HB) 5 webpage

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      The following documents are provided as a reference for fine arts educators.

      Fine Arts Curriculum Frameworks (outside source)

      Fine Arts for All Students (PDF, 513KB) (outside source)