Teacher Training Reimbursement

The Texas Advanced Placement (AP)/International Baccalaureate (IB) Program recognizes and rewards students, teachers, and schools that demonstrate success in achieving the educational goals of the state. One of the awards available through this program is the Teacher Training Reimbursement. This incentive program allows the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to reimburse districts in an amount up to $450 for each AP/IB or Pre-AP/IB teacher who attends an “approved” training.


2016 Teacher Training Reimbursement

In support of the AP and IB programs, applications and information for the 2016 Teacher Training Reimbursement (TTR) are now available. The deadline for a campus/district to apply for the awards is Friday, December 16, 2016.

Guidelines for Teacher Training Reimbursements

In accordance with TEC §28.053(d) (1)-(3)(e-f)) and TAC §74.26, funding priority for teacher training reimbursements will be given to:

  1. Public school campuses that do not offer AP or IB courses.
  2. Eligible teachers at campuses that offer new AP/IB programs in the 2016-2017 school year, including IB candidate schools.
  3. Eligible teachers of courses revised for the 2016-2017 school year.
    • New courses for 2016-2017 include the following:
      1. AP Calculus AB
      2. AP Calculus BC
      3. AP Computer Science Principles
      4. AP World History

Any remaining TTR funds will be distributed evenly among all remaining eligible teachers. Please note that the amount of the reimbursement for this priority will not be known until all reimbursement applications have been received and approved.

A teacher may receive the TTR once every two years. For example, if a teacher who received a reimbursement for 2015 TTR is not eligible for 2016 TTR.

Teachers must complete a 24-hour or longer TEA-approved Pre-AP or AP training or a 15-hour or longer TEA-approved Pre-IB or IB training. Conferences and workshops are NOT eligible for the TTR.

Approved trainings that qualify for the TTR are:

  • A College Board endorsed Pre-AP or AP institute of 24 hours or longer
  • An IB-endorsed training of at least 15 hours or longer for candidate or authorized IB schools
  • A science, math, or English 30-hour training provided by the National Math and Science Initiative (formerly Laying the Foundation)
  • Confer Mentoring Program® 30-hour subject-specific trainings

2016 AP/IB TTR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (PDF, 61KB)

The application process will begin in September of each school year.

Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for reimbursement:

  1. Complete the 2016 AP/IB Teacher Training Reimbursement Teacher Application.
  2. Submit the completed application with a certificate of completion to the authorized campus/district contact.
  3. The campus/district contact collects all teacher applications and compiles information for any eligible teacher in the 2016 AP/IB Teacher Training Reimbursement Campus/District Application.
  4. Each campus/district contact emails the completed 2016 AP/IB Teacher Training Reimbursement Campus/District Application to gted@tea.texas.gov no later than Friday, December 16, 2016. Please note the following requirements for emailing the 2016 AP/IB Teacher Training Reimbursement Campus/District Application.
    • TTR applications must be submitted through Accellion, a secure file transfer protocol. For more information on submitting an email through Accellion, please visit Send files securely to TEA.
    • The email must come from the email address of the responsible party - the campus principal, coordinator or the superintendent-appointed district coordinator. The responsible party is responsible for all information in the application.
    • The body of the email must contain the following statement of certification:
      • I, [name], [title], for [campus or district name] have verified the information submitted to the Texas Education Agency via this email and attached document and certify its truth and accuracy.
    • Do not mail or fax the information. Mailed or faxed applications will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender.

Please note: Revisions are made each year to the process for applying for TTR. Please visit each link below and read all directions carefully. Contact TEA staff at gted@tea.texas.gov with any questions related to the Texas AP/IB Incentive Program.

2016 TTR Documents

See the following links for submission of TTR:

2016 AP/IB TTR Teacher Application (PDF, 58KB)

2016 AP/IB TTR Campus/District Application (PDF, 126KB)

2016 AP/IB TTR Campus/District Application Instructions (PDF, 67 KB)

2016 AP/IB TTR Eligible Courses (PDF, 150KB)