Internet Safety: Communication

Communication on the internet can be an educational and enjoyable form of socialization. However, just like in the real world, exchanging information in online conversations like chat and email can be potentially dangerous. The following links provide information for educators, parents, and students about smart and safe internet communication:

Links for Students

The following links are for students: 

A Student’s Guide to Personal Publishing 
A student guide for producing and publicly distributing information 

Know the Rules Before You Use the Tools 
A student guide to Project Share

OnGuard Online 
Social networking tips for teens and tweens

Pew Internet
Various reports on Internet use, including a report on teens and social networking 
Safety information on various forms of internet communication

Stay Safe Online 
Tips for staying safe while using social networking sites

Information for teens on chat and email use

Information for tweens on cybersafety, safe gaming, cell phones, privacy, cyberbullying, and online safety and responsibility

Links for Parents

The following links are for parents: 

A Parents' Guide to Facebook 
Information on how to optimize privacy and safety on Facebook. 

Common Sense Media 
Information on media and technology

Microsoft – Social Networking Tips for Parents 
Information and tips for parents about social networking.

Norton - Family Resources 
Family resources on internet safety

General Links

The following are general links: 

Guidelines for chat and email

Information on youth safety and social media 
Information and guidelines for emailing and chatting safely

Safe Guidance 
Guidelines for acceptable use policies (AUPs) for educators and students 
Chat rules and advice for safely communicating on the Web

Information and reviews on hosting companies

Use these links to access additional internet safety information:
Internet Safety Home 

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