Minimum Salary Schedules

This page provides links to the minimum salary schedules for Texas classroom teachers, full-time librarians, full-time counselors and full-time school nurses. 

 2014  - 2015  

  • The 2014-2015 salary schedule has changed. While it is not common to have the salary schedule change in a biennium, the information has been in place since the 2013 legislative session. The 2014 fiscal year basic allotment of $4,950, when multiplied by the salary factors in TEC 21.402, still produced minimum monthly salaries that were less than the existing minimum salary schedule, so the salary remained the same according to TEC 21.402 (e-1). In 2015  however, the basic allotment has risen to $5,040. When this higher basic allotment is applied to the salary factors, it generates new minimum monthly salaries, which are higher than the existing schedule. The Texas Education Code requires that the greater amount must be applied (TEC 21.402 [c-1]).

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