Disciplinary Actions Taken against Texas Educators

The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) may take the following disciplinary actions against an educator’s certification:

  • place restrictions on the issuance, renewal, or holding of a certificate, either indefinitely or for a set term;
  • issue an inscribed or non-inscribed reprimand;
  • suspend a certificate for a set term or issue a probated suspension for a set term;
  • revoke or cancel, which includes accepting the surrender of, a certificate without opportunity for reapplication for a set term or permanently; or
  • impose any additional conditions or restrictions upon a certificate as deemed necessary by the SBEC.

Glossary Terms for the Virtual Certificate (PDF, 48.3KB)

Beginning with FY 2016, the published disciplinary information will be updated quarterly.

SBEC Disciplinary Actions Taken against Texas Educators: