• Texas’ student assessment program is designed to measure the extent to which a student has learned and is able to apply the defined knowledge and skills at each tested grade or course level.

    Texas has offered a statewide student assessment since 1980. In the spring of 2012, Texas students began taking the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) exams. The state also offers the STAAR L assessment for English language learning (ELL) students, the STAAR A assessment, an online accommodated version of the exam for eligible students, and the STAAR Alternate 2 assessment for students who have significant cognitive disabilities and are receiving special education services.

    You can also find resources in this section for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, the assessment program that preceded STAAR, as well as the Texas English Language Proficiency System (TELPAS) assessment and special education assessments. You can view student assessment results and released questions as well.

    In this section, you will also find information about our student assessment division, which manages and oversees the development, administration, scoring, and analysis of the Texas assessment program.

    If you are an educator and looking for testing information, please visit our Educator Testing page.