Hurricane Harvey Resources

 This is the central hub for schools to get information from TEA regarding Hurricane Harvey. Our goal is to assist school districts experiencing the effects of the hurricane by providing timely information and support.

Official Correspondence 

To the Administrator Addressed: Procurement Guidance for Schools Affected by Hurricane Harvey (9-21-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Instructional Materials Concerns Related to Hurricane Harvey (9-20-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Requirements for campuses operating over capacity because of Hurricane Harvey (9-20-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Hurricane Harvey and impact of federal funds: Guidance, FAQ, and waiver requests (9-20-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Texas Student Data System (TSDS) PEIMS Crisis Code for Hurricane Irma and Fall PEIMS Snapshot Date (9-19-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Submitting Crisis Code Data & School Start Date Changes through TSDS PEIMS (9-12-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Reduction of Minimum Days of Service (9-12-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Adjustments for Average Daily Attendance (ADA) and certain funding issues due to Hurricane Harvey (9-12-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Appeal Extension for Preliminary 2016-2017 School and Charter FIRST Ratings (9-7-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Extension of Deadline for Filing Appeals of 2017 Academic Accountability Ratings for Certain Districts (9-7-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Additional Missed School Day Waivers related to Hurricane Harvey (9-1-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Hurricane Harvey Enrollment Guidance (8-31-2017)
To the Administrator Addressed: Hurricane Related Waivers (8-29-2017)

Announcements & Resources

Disaster Aid Assistance for Chapter 41 Districts
 Deadline Extensions for the 2016-2017 Tax Information Survey and Staff Salary Data Collection 
News from the Department of Grants and Oversight 
STAAR Participation Counts Collection - Extension 
Budget Adoption Information for FY 2017-2018 
DSHS Letter on Immunizations for Displaced Students (PDF 670 KB)
Emergency Procurement under TEC Chapter 44 Subchapter B 
Guidance on Non-competitive Procurement During an Emergency 
Information from the University Scholastic League (UIL)
Office of the Governor Hurricane Assistance Information
U.S. Department of Education Harvey Resources 
Edgenuity Press Release on Hurricane Help 
FAQs on Special Education Issues Resulting From Harvey

Frequently Asked Questions

This frequently asked questions page provides information for students displaced by disasters.  

Hurricane Harvey Instructional Materials Assistance

Districts that need materials, either because of enrollment of students displaced by the hurricane or property damage, can create a needs list in EMAT to inform potential donors of specific needs. Districts and other entities that wish to donate materials can do so in one of two ways: within EMAT or by emailing TEA. For more information on requesting assistance or to donate visit

Information for Educator Preparation Programs (EPP)

On Wednesday, September 20, Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff provided each educator preparation program (EPP) with information related to preparation, certification, and testing issues that have been caused by Hurricane Harvey. Each EPP will work with their assigned program specialist to receive guidance on how to resolve each of these issues. A current list of program specialist assignments can be accessed on the Program Provider Resource page. If educator candidates, district representatives, or school representatives have questions related to a preparation, certification, and/or testing issue that has been caused by Hurricane Harvey, they are encouraged to contact their EPP to determine how the issue is to be resolved. If a new issue is reported to TEA staff, TEA staff will provide additional information to all EPPs.

Federal Grants Information

The Department of Grants Compliance and Oversight has prepared a Hurricane Harvey Guidance and FAQ regarding the impact of the disaster on federal grant funds. (V1, 09/14/2017). The guidance is directed specifically to LEAs impacted by Hurricane Harvey (either LEAs located in counties identified in the governor’s disaster declaration or LEAs receiving evacuee students). 

Price Gouging, Scams, and Resources for Help - Office of the Attorney General

For help with reporting price gouging and scams visit Also listed is contact information for emergency and non-emergency assistance, relief efforts, and other resources related to Hurricane Harvey. 

School Nutrition and Meals Information

The Texas Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Division is working to provide schools with all the information they need to operate as shelters, accommodate displaced students and resume operations in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. For information visit

School Districts including Districts of Innovation, and charters that use their USDA school food inventory to provide meals to those affected by Hurricane Harvey should refer to the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) website at

What qualifies to be replenished by the USDA/TDA at no cost will depend on each unique situation and can change pending approval of waivers from the USDA. The Summer feeding program and Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provide additional flexibility to allow school districts and charter schools to feed students before school reopens. Additionally TDA has received several waivers from USDA in regards to meal pattern and meal service times as well as the ability to feed students at no cost to the family. This provision is effective until September 30, 2017 with the possibility for TDA to request to extend as necessary.   If you have questions please contact TDA and refer to the website at The website will be updated as new information becomes available.