Open Education Resources

These state-developed, open-education-resource instructional materials (OER IM) are available for free to Texas school districts and other educators through the Texas Gateway. All products are certified to meet 100% of the required standards (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or College Board Learning Standards).

These materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License ( in accordance with Chapter 31 of the Texas Education Code.

Openstax Logo2   Materials Created by OpenStax (Rice University):

Textbook Image--AP Macroeconomics

    Click on each individual course above or click here to access all seven.

    OpenStax materials are organized into units and can be used as the entire syllabus for each course. Individual lessons and units can also be accessed for supplemental use. Request teacher materials and other ancillaries for OpenStax materials by emailing from your school email address. 

    Study Edge Logo   Materials Created by Study Edge:  

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    access all four.

    Click the video above to sample TEA’s Study Edge lessons.

    All lessons include closed captioning.

    Study Edge materials deliver content in video lessons taught by master teachers. Used together, the video lessons can serve as the primary or sole text for a course. Used individually, they can provide supplemental instruction to help students succeed. Teachers report that the video lessons are useful in many ways including

    • as student support (tutoring, homework help)
    • as differentiated instruction
    • for reviewing concepts
    • to help students with extended absences
    • to create a flipped or blended class
    • to help substitute teachers
    • for teacher content knowledge support


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