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Maintaining the security and confidentiality of the Texas Assessment Program is critical for ensuring fair and equal testing opportunities for all Texas students. Given the many uses of student performance data and the need to assure educators, parents, students, and the public that test results are meaningful and valid, it is imperative that all individuals participating in the Texas Assessment Program preserve the integrity of test content and student data through strict adherence to the instructions and procedures contained in the manuals and other resources produced for the program.

Test Security Oaths

All district and campus personnel who participate in state-mandated testing or handle secure test materials are required to be trained and sign an Oath of Test Security and Confidentiality. By signing the appropriate test security oath, participants affirm that they have been trained, understand their obligation to properly implement the Texas Assessment Program, acknowledge their responsibility to report any suspected testing irregularity, and are aware of the range of penalties that may result from a testing violation. There are three specific test security oaths—one for the superintendent or chief administrative officer, one for the district testing coordinator, and a general oath for all other testing personnel.

Testing Irregularities

Testing irregularities can occur before, during, and after testing. Serious testing violations involve conduct that violates the security and confidentiality of a test and are listed in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), §101.3031. Procedural testing irregularities are less severe, more common, and typically the result of minor deviations in testing procedures. Routine test administration training is the best way to avoid testing irregularities, especially for policies and procedures that have been updated.

All testing irregularities must be reported to the TEA Student Assessment Division. Each person participating in the Texas Assessment Program is responsible for reporting any violation or suspected violation of test security or confidentiality. Campus staff should notify their campus or district testing coordinator if they witness an irregularity or suspect that one has occurred. Districts must ensure that all testing personnel are aware of their obligation to report testing irregularities. To report testing irregularities, sign in to TIDE to access the Serious Testing Violation form or the Procedural Testing Irregularity form. They are located under Administration and Security Forms.

Additional Resources

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