Community Conversations about Assessment and Accountability

The State Board of Education spent 10 months gathering public input about the state’s current student assessment program and accountability rating system. The board also asked the public for suggested changes to the programs.

Public Feedback

The board first hosted nine Community Conversations around the state. These meetings, held between October 2015 and March 2016, were attended by more than 700 people. Comments from the meetings were used to craft an online survey. More than 27,000 Texans responded to the online survey during two weeks in June.

 Texans Speak

  A report called Texans Speak: Public Feedback on Assessment and Accountability Systems summarizes the comments received during the community meetings and from the survey.

 The published report above provides the complete survey results, which divides the answers to most questions into five categories - Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree and Strongly Disagree. To provide easier reading, this survey report collapses the responses into three categories - Agree, Neutral, Disagree.

The adopted final report was provided to the Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessments and Accountability for its consideration. This 15-member commission submitted recommendations to the Texas Legislature for statutory changes to the assessment and accountability systems.

Community Conversations

Below are summaries of comments written by participants at the Community Conversations, which detail the information gathered to date.

Houston – October 2015 (PDF, 226KB)

San Antonio – January 2016 (PDF, 407KB)

Austin – January 2016 (PDF, 291KB)

El Paso – February 2016 (PDF, 227KB)

Brownsville – February 2016 (PDF, 240KB)

Fort Worth – February 2016 (PDF, 377KB)

Dallas – February 2016 (PDF, 242KB)

Kilgore – March 2016 (PDF, 228KB)

Amarillo – March 2016 (PDF, 336KB)

Additional information about the Next Generation Commission is available on the Texas Education Agency website.