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The vision for Texas Tutoring Supports is to provide research-based resources, tools, trainings, and implementation support for high-impact and high-quality tutoring practices to support learning acceleration and meet the needs of all students in Texas.

Tutoring Implementation Supports

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Texas Education Agency wants to be responsive to the varying needs of local education agencies (LEAs) across Texas by providing multiple approaches to implement high impact tutoring.

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HIT: Introduction & TEA Supports

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HIT: Program Design

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HIT: Program Implementation

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Tutoring and Scheduling Webinar

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School Year Staffing

What is High Impact Tutoring?

Early data indicates that school closures and disruptions in SY19-20 and SY20-21 are likely to result in unfinished learning for many students statewide, making multi-year recovery and acceleration supports even more crucial. As LEAs consider how to best facilitate learning acceleration, many are considering high impact tutoring (HIT), as there is strong evidence that high impact tutoring is one of the most effective ways to increase learning gains for students.

High-impact tutoring programs have a few key characteristics:


Well-trained, consistent tutor (can be a teacher, paraprofessional, or teacher candidate) who builds a strong relationship with students

Instructional Material

High-quality instructional material aligned to standards and core classwork


One-to-one or small group for individualized support (1-3 student max. ratio recommended)


Embedded in, or immediately before or after, the school day to maximize student access


At least three sessions per week for sustained support; Minimum of 30 minutes

Data Driven

Data-driven with tutors building sessions around student strengths and needs


Fidelity of Implementation Self-evaluation

The LEA Fidelity of Implementation (FOI) rubric is a tool used to self-evaluate High Impact Tutoring (HIT) programs at the district level. This self-evaluation rubric is required for all TCLAS Decision 6 districts. Non-TCLAS Decision 6 districts can use these materials as optional self-evaluation measures. Please review these materials and sign up for the optional office hours should your LEA have any questions about the tool. Additionally, all districts have an Education Service Center (ESC) HIT Lead who can assist with the implementation of this rubric. Please reach out to your ESC for training requirements, FOI due dates, and FOI submission protocols.

Additional Resources

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