Overview of Texas Schools

As of August 2014, the Texas Education Agency oversees 1,247 public school districts, open enrollment charter schools, juvenile justice districts, Texas School For the Blind and Visually Impaired, and Texas School For the Deaf. More than 5 million students are currently enrolled in Texas schools. 

Use the links below to get detailed information about Texas schools and districts, including contact information, accountability data, financial data, demographic data, and employment information.

District Directory (AskTED)
AskTED is an online directory of Texas schools, including charters. The directory primary is primarily used by people seeking contact information for schools, districts, and education service centers.

District Type Data Search
The district type data set classifies Texas public school districts into the following nine categories: major urban, major suburban, other central city, other central city suburban, independent town, non-metropolitan: fast growing, non-metropolitan: stable, rural, and charter school districts. 

PEIMS Standard Reports
These school district reports include regional data, congressional data, student data, and staffing data.

District Locator
An interactive tool for mapping districts and regional boundaries and locating schools and districts in the state. It also provides school district data, including accountability ratings, enrollment, and contact information.

Statewide Job Search
This tool allows users to search for employment at any school district in the state. It features an interactive Google map and provides links to district websites and employment specific pages, where available.