Student Assessment Correspondence with Districts 2013-2014

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Below you can find links to letters and broadcast e-mails sent to all districts about the Texas Assessment Program. You can find more correspondence on the following webpages:

2013–2014 School Year

Links below open PDF files.  For non-PDF files, the file type will be in parentheses.

Date Subject
06/24/2014      Updates to the 2014-2015 Testing Calendar
04/23/2014      Information Regarding the Release of 2014 STAAR and TELPAS Assessments
11/21/2013  Notice of 2014-2015 calendar approval posting
10/07/2013  Standardized Oral Administration Resources
08/30/2013  Important Changes to and Upcoming Activities for the Texas Assessment Program in 2013-2014 School Year
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