Student Assessment Correspondence with Districts 2011-2012

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Below are letters and broadcast emails sent to all districts regarding the Texas Assessment Program. To view the correspondence for another school year, visit the Correspondence with Districts webpage

Most of the links below open PDF files.  For the files not in PDF, see the file type indicated in parentheses next to the file name.

Date Subject
08/15/12 Release of Student Essays for March 2012 STAAR English I Writing
07/16/12 Posting of ELL TETN's Schedule
06/27/12 Release of STAAR English I Writing Scoring Guides
06/07/12 Recent STAAR Modified & Accommodations Postings
06/04/12 Updates to the 2012-2013 Testing Calendar
05/22/12 Revisions to Manuals
04/25/12 Reporting of Student Results for the 2012 STAAR Grades 3–8 Assessments
04/16/12 Review of the STAAR Time Limits Policies and Procedures
04/04/12 Updates to the 2011–2012 Testing Calendar
03/09/12 Updates to the 2012 STAAR Test Administration Manuals
03/01/12 Updates to the 2011–2012 Testing Calendar
02/06/12 Posting of the Approved 2012–2013 Student Assessment Testing Calendar
02/02/12 2012 STAAR Modified field test requirements
01/24/12 Recent Accommodations Postings and Upcoming TETN
12/14/11 Development of the 2012–2013 Testing Calendar
11/16/11 November 18, 2011 TETN
09/30/11 Release of STAAR™ Test Questions
08/26/11 2011–2012 Mandatory STAAR™ EOC Testing Activities
08/26/11 STAAR™ Questions and Answers


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