Educator Advisory Committee

In addition to input from the existing technical advisory committee and feedback gathered from educators who serve on a variety of existing committees, HB 3906 requires the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to establish a new assessment educator advisory committee. This educator advisory committee advises the commissioner and the agency on the development of academically appropriate state assessment instruments. The committee is comprised of experts in curriculum and instruction, higher education, school leadership, and individuals with experience supporting special populations. The committee provides advice on the design and implementation of changes contemplated for the state’s assessment program. 

Update: Nominations were submitted in August 2019, and the Educator Advisory Committee met in Austin on January 23, 2020. A full list of committee members can be found here.  

During the first meeting, committee members received an overview of the Texas Assessment Program and an overview of the requirements of HB 3906 and HB 1244. Committee members discussed and provided input regarding the statutorily required integrated formative assessment pilot.  They also discussed revisions to the U.S. History End of Course test to incorporate questions from the civics test administered by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services as part of the naturalization process. 

The committee will establish a regular meeting cycle and create sub-committees to address different aspects of its ongoing work. 

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