STAAR Spanish Resources

STAAR Spanish assessments are available in grades 3-5 in reading, mathematics, and science. STAAR Spanish is administered to eligible students for whom a Spanish version of STAAR is the most appropriate measure of their academic progress. STAAR Spanish are grade-level assessments and test the same grades and subjects as English.

STAAR Spanish Participation Requirements (LPAC Guide)

Please use the links below to access participation requirement documentation.

    • STAAR Decision-Making Guide for LPACS
    • 2016 LPAC Decision-Making Process for the Texas Assessment Program
    • ELL Assessment Documentation Forms
      • Participation and Linguistic Accommodation Decisions
      • Student History Worksheet

    STAAR Spanish Specific Resources

    Please use the links below to access Spanish specific resources.

    • Assessed Curriculum
    • Mathematics Reference Materials
    • Performance Level Descriptors
    • Spanish TEKS (Curriculum link)
    • Test Blueprints

     STAAR Spanish Additional Resources

    Please use the links below to access additional resources.

    • Released Test Forms
    • Test Results
    • Confidential Student Report
    • Progress Measure

    Related Resources

    Please use the links below to access related resources.

    • Accommodation Resources
    • Dictionary Policy
    • Educator Committees Recommendation Form
    • Information on State Assessments for ELLs
    • Linguistic Accommodations for ELLs Participating in STAAR
    • LPAC Resources
    • Presentations and Conferences
    • Student Success Initiative
    • Test Administrator Manuals for STAAR Spanish (Grades 3-5)
    • TETN Events







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    Room 3-122A
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