STAAR Alternate 2 TEKS Curriculum Framework Documents

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The STAAR Alternate 2 Curriculum Framework documents list the reporting categories, knowledge and skills statements, and student expectations tested by STAAR in each grade and subject or high school course. TEA summarizes each knowledge and skills statement into an essence statement that serves as the connection between the grade-level Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the online system. The Curriculum Framework documents also list access points in the form of prerequisite skills that link to the students expectations on the Vertical Alignment documents for each grade and subject or high school course.  STAAR Alternate 2 Logo

Teachers can use the Curriculum Framework to target instruction for the ten essence statements assessed each year. Teachers can determine where each individual student is performing on the framework document for each essence statement and focus instruction to move him or her to the highest student expectation he or she can attain for a given year.

To see all available STAAR Alternate 2 resources, visit the STAAR Alternate Resources 2 webpage. The links below open PDF (Portable Document Format) files.  

Grade Subjects  
3 Mathematics Reading/Language Arts      
4 Mathematics Reading/Language Arts Writing     
5 Mathematics Reading/Language Arts   Science  
6 Mathematics Reading/Language Arts      
7 Mathematics  Reading/Language Arts  Writing     
8 Mathematics Reading/Language Arts   Science Social Studies 
HS Algebra I English I
English II
  Biology U.S. History