Preliminary Spring 2023 STAAR Blueprints and RLA Assessed Curriculum

This section includes:

  • Updated RLA assessed curriculum documents that identify the reading and writing student expectations that will be eligible for assessment on the redesigned RLA tests. Note: Mathematics, science, and social studies assessed curriculum documents will not change.
  • Preliminary blueprints that show the distribution of questions, points, and readiness and supporting standards across reporting categories on the redesigned tests. RLA blueprints also include test design information, including the number of passages, the reading load, and the genres eligible for assessment.

Grades 3–8 Assessments

Grade Assessed Curriculum Preliminary Blueprints
Grade 3 RLA RLA | Mathematics
Grade 4 RLA RLA | Mathematics
Grade 5 RLA RLA | Mathematics | Science
Grade 6 RLA RLA | Mathematics
Grade 7 RLA RLA | Mathematics
Grade 8 RLA RLA | Mathematics | Science | Social Studies

Grades 3–5 Spanish Assessments

Grade Assessed Curriculum Preliminary Blueprints
Grade 3 Spanish RLA RLA | Mathematics
Grade 4 Spanish  RLA RLA | Mathematics
Grade 5 Spanish RLA RLA | Mathematics | Science

EOC Assessments

Subject Assessed Curriculum Preliminary Blueprints
English English I English 2 English I | English II
Mathematics n/a Algebra I
Science n/a Biology
Social Studies n/a U.S. History

STAAR Alternate 2

Grade/Subject Blueprints
Grade 3 RLA
Grade 4 RLA
Grade 5 RLA
Grade 6 RLA
Grade 7 RLA
Grade 8 RLA
English English I | English II

Blueprints last updated on 1/27/22

Contact Information

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