Optional Beginning-of-Year Assessments

Student and teacher at computer


As a result of LEA feedback, optional BOY assessments will be available during the 2022–23 school year. BOY assessments are designed to be administered at the start of the school year to provide educators with data to develop appropriate instructional plans and address gaps in student learning.

This coming year’s BOY assessments will be the Spring 2022 released STAAR tests. Score calculations for English I and English II BOY assessments will not include constructed responses.

The recommended grade level for Fall 2022 BOY assessments will be students’ current grade level, though LEAs will have the option to administer off grade level BOY assessments. In past school years, TEA has recommended administering off grade level BOY assessments to determine students’ mastery of the previous year’s standards. This guidance was due to the cancellation of STAAR in 2020 and lower than normal STAAR participation in 2021. However, because 98% of students participated in STAAR during Spring 2022, off grade level BOY testing is no longer necessary.

Key Dates for Fall 2022

Key Dates Details
August 22–October 14, 2022  Districts can register students in TIDE
August 30–October 21, 2022  Test administration window