Texas Title I Priority Schools Grant Program

The Texas Title I Priority Schools (TTIPS) Grant Program is funded by the federal NCLB Section 1003(g) and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Section 1003(g) School Improvement Grant appropriations. Campus eligibility for the program is defined in the U.S. Department of Education Final Regulations released Dec. 3, 2009, and amended by the 2010 Appropriations Act.

Intervention Tools and Guidance

Reflective Prioritization Activity Guidance for All Pathways (PDF, 188KB)

Pathway 2

Pathway 2 - Campuses that completed an ESF Diagnostic visit prior to SY 2019-2020

End of Year - Part 2 (Excel, 97KB)

Professional Service Provider (PSP) Report (Excel, 53KB)

TTIPS Activity Plan (Excel, 111KB)

Historical Grant Information

Cycle 5 - 2016-2020  

Cycle 4 - 2015-2020  

TTIPS Announcements and Historical Data

Contact Information

School Improvement Division

Email: SIDivision@tea.texas.gov 

Phone: (512) 463-5226

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