Campus Turnaround Plan Guidance and Resources

House Bill (HB) 1842 is comprehensive legislation related to districts, charter schools, and campuses, specifically campus turnaround plans. After a campus has been identified as unacceptable for two consecutive years, the campus must develop and submit a turnaround plan to the agency explaining the campus’ systemic approach to producing significant and sustainable gains in achievement and a Met Standard rating within two years.

Campuses not meeting this standard in two years are subject to further sanctions, including campus closure or placement of a board of managers over the district. Texas Education Code §39A.103 in conjunction with the guidance and resources below provide further details and support for turnaround plan development.

2020 Turnaround Plan Intervention Guidance

TAP to TIP Guidance (PDF, 251KB)

Turnaround Plan Guidance (PDF, 91KB)

ESF Foundation Essential Action Success Criteria (PDF, 182KB)

Board Resolution Template (Word, 39KB)

Stakeholder Input Guidance (PDF, 189KB)

Turnaround Plan Description of Methods (PDF, 165KB)

Update Revised 11/25 Turnaround Plan Development Guidance (PDF, 221KB)

Turnaround Plan Example (Excel, 81KB)

Turnaround Plan Template (Excel, 59KB)

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