2013-14 School Report Cards

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December 11, 2014


The 2013–2014 School Report Cards (SRC) are now available on the Texas Education Agency’s website at the link below. The SRCs will not be mailed to districts.

•    School Report Card – The purpose of the SRC is to inform parents and guardians about school performance and characteristics.

Distribution to Campuses. The TEA will notify each principal in the district that the SRC for his or her campus is available. However, it is the district’s responsibility to provide the SRCs to the campuses for distribution to parents and guardians. Additionally, the district must provide a copy of the SRC to anyone upon request.

Distribution to Parents. The campus must send a copy of the SRC to the parent or guardian of each of its students within six weeks of the date of this letter. The campus may provide the SRC in the same manner in which it normally transmits official communications to parents and guardians, such as including the SRC in a weekly folder sent home with each student, mailing it to the student's residence, providing it at a teacher-parent conference, or enclosing it with the student report card. Districts may distribute the SRC electronically if the district can ensure that parents and guardians are notified that the SRC is available and are able to access it. The school or district must provide a printed copy (in color or black and white) to anyone who cannot access the electronic version.

While schools are required to provide the SRC to parents and guardians, they are not limited to providing just the SRC. Schools may include additional information along with the SRC that highlights other performance aspects of the school or district.

All schools that reported student enrollment in the fall 2013 PEIMS submission will have an SRC, including Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP), Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) campuses, and schools paired for accountability rating purposes. Because the SRCs for JJAAPs, DAEPs, and paired campuses do not have STAAR performance results, districts are not required to distribute the SRC for these campuses, but may do so, if desired. Otherwise, all schools with a TEA-generated SRC are required by law to distribute the SRC to parents and guardians.

Schools that are new in the 2014–15 school year will not have a 2013–14 SRC and are not required to distribute a report.

•    Sample Cover Letter – A cover letter for the SRC is not required, but many schools find it useful to provide one. A sample cover letter to parents—in both English and Spanish—is available at the link below.

•    Definitions – Brief definitions of the items included in the SRC are also available at the link below. Definitions are not required to be provided to parents, but many schools find it useful to include them with the reports. A Spanish translation of the definitions will be available soon.

The text of this email is posted at the Texas Education Agency Correspondence website at http://tea.texas.gov/src_2013-14/. Links to electronic versions of the sample cover letters and the definitions are at the bottom of the webpage.

If parents have questions about the information provided, the Glossary produced for the 2013–14 Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) contains detailed definitions and sources of data for all the information included in the SRC. The data in the SRC is a subset of that published in the TAPR.

The TAPR Glossary is available on the TEA website at the following address:

The administrative rules that govern the SRC (19 TAC §61.1021) are available on the TEA website at the following address:

We hope you find this material informative and helpful. If you have questions regarding the SRC, please contact the Division of Performance Reporting.
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School Report Card Definitions (English)

Definiciones para la Calificación Escolar (Spanish)

Sample letter for Parents (English)

Sample letter for Parents (Spanish)