4th Year and Higher Improvement Required Guidance and Resources

The guidance and resources below are specific to districts and campuses identified in the state accountability system as 4th Year Improvement Required (IR) or higher.


4th+ Year IR Intervention Overview (MP4Video)

Targeted Improvement Plan (TIP) Overview (MP4Video)


4th+ Year IR Intervention Calendar (PDF, 66KB)

4th+ Year IR Pacing Guide (PDF, 445KB)

4th+ Year IR Turnaround Implementation Planning (PPT, 573KB)

Target Improvement Plan (TIP) Flexibility (PDF, 64KB)

TIP Overview Guidance (PDF, 27KB)

TIP Progress Update Guidance (PDF, 136KB) NEW 12.1.2017!

PSP Progress Report Guidance (PDF, 137KB)

TTIPS Intervention and Submission Requirements (PDF, 187KB)  


4th Year IR Implementation Planning Worksheet (Excel, 17KB)

SAMPLE TAP for Implementation Planning (Excel, 51KB)

Targeted Improvement Plan - Adobe Form (PDF, 90KB)

Targeted Improvement Plan - Excel Workbook (Excel,54KB) - Revised on 10.10.2017 to include CAP & PVI tabs!

PSP Progress Report - Adobe Form (PDF, 162KB)

PSP Progress Report - Excel Workbook (Excel, 20KB)

TTIPS Activity Plan - Excel Workbook (Excel, 50KB)

Campus Data Analysis - Excel Workbook (Excel, 445KB)

District Data Analysis - Excel Workbook (Excel, 114KB)

2016-17 Targeted Improvement Plan - Excel Workbook (Excel, 1812KB)