Targeted and Additional Targeted Support

The guidance and resources below are specific to campuses identified for Additional Targeted Support under federal accountability. If your campus is also identified under state accountability, please refer to the page for the year IR.

Campuses will not be identified for Targeted Support until August 2019.

Intervention and Submission Requirements: Campuses identified for Additional Targeted Support will engage in the continuous improvement process to address the Domain 3 indicator(s) that led to the identification. Training materials are included in the section below.  The intervention activities that are designed to address the indicator(s) should be included in the campus’ TEC §11 improvement plan.  Although no submissions or progress reporting are specified at this time, TEA may request the submission of the campus TEC §11 plan that contains these intervention activities.

Training Materials

Visioning Activity (PPT, 168KB)

Visioning Note Taking Guide (PDF, 37KB)

Data Analysis (PPT, 338KB)

Data Analysis Training Materials (PDF, 507KB)

Data Analysis Guided Questions (PDF, 145KB)

Root Cause Analysis (PPT, 223)

Root Cause Analysis Training Materials (PDF, 812KB)

Guided Discussion for Root Cause Analysis (Excel, 18KB)

Strategy Identification (PPT, 194KB)

Strategy Identification Training Materials (PDF, 778KB)

Implementation Planning (PPT, 227KB)

 Implementation Planning Training Material (PDF, 981KB)