Comprehensive Support

The guidance and resources below are specific to campuses identified for Comprehensive Support under federal accountability. If your campus is also identified under state accountability, please refer to the page for the year IR.

  Intervention and Submission Requirements for Comprehensive Only Campuses (PDF, 191KB)

Guidance Documents

District Coordinator of School Improvement (DCSI) Job Description (PDF, 106KB) 

Professional Service Provider (PSP) Job Description (PDF, 95KB) 

Campus Leadership Team (CLT) Job Description (PDF, 123KB)   

Stakeholder Engagement Requirements (PDF, 197KB)

Training Materials

The DCSI and principal of a campus identified for Comprehensive support are required to attend training on the continuous improvement process throughout the year at their regional Education Service Center.

 Visioning Activity (PPT, 168KB) 

Visioning Note Taking Guide (PDF, 37KB)

Data Analysis Guided Questions (PDF, 145KB)

Guided Discussion for Root Cause Analysis (Excel, 18KB) 


DCSI Attestation Statement (PDF, 83KB)

  Targeted Improvement Plan (Excel, 35KB)

  16-17 Targeted Improvement Plan (Excel, 35KB)

Mid-year Funding Report (Excel, 92KB) - NEW 1.10.2019!

  PSP Progress Report (Excel, 54KB)

PSP Progress Report Exemplar (Excel, 43KB)