SBOE Committees

The State Board of Education has three primary committees with the following responsibilities:

Committee on Instruction

Members of the Committee on Instruction are:

Committee Responsibilities include:

  • Establishment of curriculum and graduation requirements
  • Curriculum implementation (including procedures concerning dyslexia and related disorders)
  • Instructional materials proclamations
  • Student assessment program implementation
  • General education
  • Education of individuals with disabilities
  • Gifted and talented education
  • Adult education
  • Library standards
  • Texas School for the Blind and Visually Handicapped/Texas School for the Deaf

Committee on School Finance/Permanent School Fund

Members of the Committee on School Finance/Permanent School Fund are:

Committee Responsibilities include:

  • State and federal funding issues
  • Financial budgeting, reporting, and regulation
  • Contract and grant approval
  • Instructional materials financing and operations
  • Review commissioner’s annual FSP budget
  • Community education funding
  • Oversight of the Bond Guarantee Program
  • Permanent School Fund management oversight, including audit responsibility, investment objectives, and investment decisions

Committee on School Initiatives

Members of the Committee on School Initiatives are:

Committee Responsibilities include:

  • Long-range plans required by statute
  • Educational technology and telecommunications
  • Review and evaluation of charter school applications, revisions, and amendments the commissioner of education proposes to grant
  • State Board for Educator Certification rules review
  • School board member training policy
  • Hearing examiners
  • Military reservation and special school districts
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Home-rule school district probation and revocation