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TEA News Releases Online May 9, 2014
    AUSTIN – The Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced today that its Texas School District Locator application – which provides basic information about Texas schools, districts, and education service centers in a map format – has been upgraded and re-launched on the TEA website.

    The School District Locator is an invaluable online tool for parents, taxpayers or anyone seeking specific school district information, district accountability ratings, as well as enrollment and performance reports in text format.

    The site provides basic information about Texas schools, including boundaries for each county, school district and education service center. The boundary information is presented in a map format.  Major features of the new system include:

    • Search capabilities based upon district name, district number, county, or Education Service Center

    • School district and Education Service Center region boundaries

    • Identifying information on specific school type and location

    • Ability to zoom to or identify an individual school

    • District accountability ratings and enrollment information

    • School listings with address, accountability rating, and school type

    • Contact information for district trustees and staff

    • Links to TEA school district reports (such as performance, financial, etc.)

    • Links to school district and Education Service Center websites.

The new School District Locator can be found on the Texas Education Agency website at: