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TEA News Releases Online April 11, 2014


AUSTIN - The State Board of Education Friday broadened its call for new textbooks for Special Topics in Social Studies to include but not be limited to, Mexican American Studies, African American Studies, Native American Studies and Asian American Studies.

The board did not create new courses to cover these ethnic studies programs. Instead local school districts and charters may use a general set of curriculum standards for a course called Special Topics in Social Studies. Using these curriculum standards, districts have had the ability to create their own ethnic studies courses for years but there have not been state-approved textbooks for the classes.

The request for instructional material for these elective courses is included in a call-for-bids document known as Proclamation 2016. This proclamation originally included a call for new materials for Languages Other Than English (LOTE).

The new textbooks and electronic materials are scheduled to be approved as part of the state adoption process in November 2015 for use beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.

The board, during its four-day meeting, also gave final approval to revised Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum standards for Languages Other Than English.

The board removed all references to classical languages, from the TEKS for LOTE Levels I-VII.  Separate TEKS will be developed for the classical languages, which do not have extensive speaking and listening components as do most modern languages. The board also made amendments to more appropriately address proficiency levels for logographic languages in the LOTE Levels I-VII TEKS.

The updated TEKS are scheduled to be implemented in Texas classrooms in 2016-2017.