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TEA News Releases Online Feb. 11, 2014

AUSTIN – The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is asking school districts and charters seeking waivers for bad weather days for this school year to submit their requests in March.

Snow, sleet and icy conditions have impacted districts statewide over the last several weeks resulting in the cancellation of instructional days. As a result, the agency anticipates an influx of waiver requests. The March timeframe allows the full impact of winter weather to be assessed by school districts and charters on their 2013-2014 school year calendars.

School districts and charters in Texas must build two “makeup days” for school closures into their adopted school calendar. If dates for the designated makeup days have already passed, schools are still required to make up at least two of the scheduled instructional days lost. The makeup day must be at least seven hours in length (including intermissions and recesses).

It is the local school district’s responsibility to make its school calendar for the school year. TEA does not direct any school district or charter on the specific days to identify or designate as makeup days in their school calendar. That is strictly a local decision.

Waiver requests submitted to the agency will be reviewed by the commissioner of education. A decision will be provided in a timely fashion. If a district receives a lost-instructional day waiver, it does not lose any state funding for that day.