Texas Student Data System (TSDS) State-Sponsored Student Information System

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November 5, 2015

To the Administrator Addressed: 

Re:  Texas Student Data System (TSDS) State-Sponsored Student Information System

In 2011, one of the first components of the Texas Student Data System (TSDS), the State-Sponsored Student Information System (SSIS) was implemented. This component allowed local education agencies (LEAs) to bypass the Request for Purchase (RFP) process and acquire either of the two SSIS packages at a not-to-exceed price. Additionally, TEA was able to support an initial package of functional enhancements for the two SSIS vendors.

The decision has been made to extend the two SSIS contracts through August 31, 2017. On this date, the SSIS contracts will expire and no further extensions will be initiated. The SSIS component of the TSDS system will no longer be offered to LEAs beginning with the 2017-2018 school year.

The SSIS project delivered value to LEAs by providing cost-conscious and transparently-priced alternatives for managing student information, providing a platform for LEAs to have input into functional enhancements, and incentivizing the development of functionality that specifically meets the needs of Texas students.

TEA believes that this project has succeeded in raising the bar for the quality of student information systems marketed in Texas. As a result, LEA stakeholders can continue to enjoy many benefits of the project after its formal end in 2017.



Melody Parrish

Chief Information Officer/Chief Data Officer
Information Technology Services (ITS)/Statewide Education Data Systems (SEDS)
Texas Education Agency