Texas Campus and Teacher School Technology and Readiness (STaR) Charts

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December 12, 2014


Subject: Texas Campus and Teacher School Technology and Readiness (STaR) Charts

Each year, Texas public teachers and librarians complete STaR charts in order to measure individual- and campus-level progress in meeting the recommendations listed in the Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020. For many years, the information gathered through the Campus and Teacher STaR Charts was used to report progress on meeting the recommendations of the long-range plan, to meet technology literacy and integration requirements in No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Title II, Part D, and to meet documentation requirements for E-Rate telecommunication services.

With federal technology funding no longer available through NCLB, Title II, Part D, and with technology planning no longer a requirement in order to receive E-Rate discounts, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will no longer require completion of Texas Campus and Teacher STaR charts.

Planning for and measuring progress in providing digital learning environments for students and teachers is an important component for all school districts and open-enrollment charter schools. For districts and open-enrollment charters that wish to continue to use the STaR Chart system, the system remains open, and TEA staff are available to assist. Districts and open-enrollment charters may also explore other options for measuring progress at the local level.

TEA remains responsible for providing a biennial progress report to the legislature on how Texas campuses and teachers are meeting the recommendations of the long-range plan. In the coming months, TEA will invite district representatives to participate in conversations regarding how to best measure and report on the use of technology as it relates to the following key areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Educator Preparation and Development
  • Leadership, Administration, and Instructional Support
  • Infrastructure

If you have any questions regarding the STaR Chart system or need assistance, please feel free to contact starchart@tea.texas.gov. If you have questions regarding this correspondence or would like to participate in future conversations regarding technology planning and reporting, please contact Kerry Ballast at kerry.ballast@tea.texas.gov or 512-463-9601.


Monica Martinez
Associate Commissioner
Standards and Programs