Charter Schools - Subchapter D Charters

Subchapter D charters are often referred to as open-enrollment charters. This page covers the application process for a Subchapter D open-enrollment charter.

Subchapter D - Eligible Entities

The types of entities eligible to hold a Texas open-enrollment charter are as follows:

  • Institutions of higher education;
  • Private or independent institutions of higher education;
  • Tax-exempt organizations classified as 501(c)(3)'s under the Internal Revenue Code; and
  • Governmental entities.

Churches and other faith-based organizations are not eligible to apply for a charter. These applicants will need to establish a separate, nonsectarian 501(c)(3).

Public colleges and universities may also apply for Chapter 12, Subchapter E charters.

Applying for a Subchapter D Charter

The Generation Twenty-Four application cycle to open October 5th.

Applicants should complete the Application Information Session Form (PDF, 147 KB) to register for one of the mandatory information sessions; these sessions will be held on October 5th and October 12th.  The Instructions and Guidelines document (to be posted) provides the complete timeline and detailed information pertaining to the completion of an application in response to the Generation Twenty-Four Request for Application (RFA).

Applicant Information Sessions

  • TEA will host two applicant information sessions in which potential applicants will be provided details about:
    • applying for, holding, and operating a charter in the state of Texas;
    • the contents of the application document; and
    • the application preparation guidelines and submission requirements for both electronic and hard copy application documents.
    Attendance at one of these information sessions is mandatory for all applicants.

Required Resources and Information

Applicants whose sponsoring entity holds a Texas 501(c)(3) are to complete and submit the Generation Twenty-Four Charter Application (to be posted soon) and required attachments.

Attachments and links to be posted soon.

More Information

Please note: An application must describe an education program that is unique to the applicant. An applicant that plagiarizes or copies any other application does not meet this standard.

You can sign up for updates about the open-enrollment charter application process by email through our GovDelivery link.

Selected Laws and Rules Applicable to Open-Enrollment Charters

The links below reference some of the laws and rules that apply to charters:  

    If you have questions, please contact the Division of Charter School Administration by e-mail at or by phone at (512)463-9575.