Program Evaluation: Initiatives for Students with Limited English Proficiency

TEA has developed and implemented a number of different programs designed to address the unique needs of the more than 16% of Texas public school students who are non-native English speakers, referred to in the school system as Limited English Proficient (LEP).  Spanish is the dominant language of this group, though there are over 100 different languages spoken in the homes of these children.  Recent performance results on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) standardized state exam suggest that additional assistance focused on the needs of students with limited English language proficiency is warranted.

Texas Pre-Kindergarten Limited English Proficiency (Pre-K LEP)

Pre-K LEP was created to address the educational needs of English language learning preschool students and was evaluated based on data collected during the 2008-09 school year.  As specified in statute, the Pre-K LEP program must provide opportunities for the acquisition of English while supporting a child’s first language through the provision of social services, appropriate training and modeling, research-based curricula and supplies to enhance the development of both languages.  Additional information about this program can be found at theChildren's Learning Institute's Texas Pre-K LEP Program page.

Published Report:

Limited English Proficient - Student Success Initiative (LEP-SSI)

The LEP-SSI grant program provides funding for intensive instruction programs for students with limited English language proficiency, as well as for training materials and other resources to assist teachers in developing the expertise required to enable these students to meet state performance expectations. Evaluation of the LEP - SSI grant program includes evaluation of technical assistance provided to grantees by Texas A&M University.

Published Reports:

Reading Language Acquisition (RLA)

RLA was designed to accelerate language acquisition and reading proficiency for struggling readers.

Published Reports: The evaluation of RLA is included in the Student Success Initiative 2009-2010 Biennium Evaluation Report.