Final Adoption of New Teacher and Principal Standards

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 July 18, 2014


SUBJECT: Final Adoption of New Teacher and Principal Standards

On June 30th, the new teacher standards took effect, marking the culmination of over a year’s effort on the part of educators throughout Texas to craft new standards for both teachers and principals.  The principal standards went into effect on June 11th.  Both sets of standards are housed in Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 149.

Starting in the spring of 2012, Texas Education Agency (TEA) staff worked with a principal advisory committee to build principal standards.  This committee began by determining best practices for principals to be effective leaders and improve student performance, primarily by reframing the central role of the principal as the instructional leader of a campus.  This work concluded in the fall of 2013 with a comprehensive set of principal standards that capture the aspirational practices all principals can strive toward regardless of their level of experience or the context of their position.

During the fall of 2013, TEA worked with a teacher steering committee comprised of classroom teachers from a variety of subjects and grade levels, campus principals, members from the higher education community, evaluation trainers from state regional service centers, and teacher association members.  This committee revised and updated the state teaching standards to reflect best practices for today’s classrooms that have a research base in improving student achievement.  Like the principal standards, the teacher standards provide goals for which all teachers can strive regardless of where they are in their career – both master teachers and beginning teachers will find practices captured in the standards toward which they can aspire.  

Both the teacher and principal standards in rule are not intended to be indicators to be used for appraisal.  The standards are designed to provide professional and instructional practice goals for all educators.  The standards are also designed to align educator preparation, evaluation, mentorship, professional development, and career pathways to a single, foundational base.

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Ryan Franklin
Interim Associate Commissioner
Educator Leadership and Quality