Federal Reward Schools

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The State of Texas secured a conditional waiver from the U.S. Department of Education for specific provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), commonly known as the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001.  As part of ESEA, P.L. 107-110 Section 1117 (b)(2), the requirement for Distinguished School identification will be replaced by Reward Schools included in the conditional flexibility waiver. Texas will continue recognizing high performance with school distinction designations in performance and progress for schools meeting  reward criteria.

A high performing reward school will be identified as a Title I school with distinctions based on reading and math  performance.  In addition, at the high school level, a reward school will be a Title I school with the highest graduation rates.  A high progress school will be identified as a Title I school, in the top 25% in annual improvement; and/or a school in the top 25% of those demonstrating ability to close performance gaps based on system safeguards. This letter provides information regarding the identification of and recognition process for schools identified as high-progress and/or high-performing according to waiver Principle 2: State-Developed Differentiated Recognition, Accountability, and Support.


Utilizing a methodology based on guidance outlined in the waiver, one or more campuses in your district have been identified as a high-progress and/or high-performing school.  The list of high-progress and high-performing schools for school year 2013-14 may be accessed at:  http://www.tea.state.tx.us/ESEAFlex_Principle2.aspx.

Using data obtained from the 2013 Accountability Reports, the agency has generated a list of high-progress and high-performing schools based on statewide reading and mathematics assessments  and graduation rates.

Criteria for identification are as follows:

  • Title I school in the top 25% in annual improvement; and/or
  • Schools in the top 25% of those demonstrating ability to close performance gaps based on system safeguards


  • Title I school with distinctions based on reading and math performance
  • Title I high school with completion rate of 90% or higher

Reward School Recognition

Reward schools identified during school year 2013-14, will be recognized by TEA announcement and public posting at: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/ESEAFlex_Principle2.aspx.  Additionally, reward schools may be recognized by the respective Education Service Center (ESC) and/or Local Education Agency.

Contact Information

Information on the identification of high-progress and high-performing schools, the recognition process, and available resources and support may be obtained by contacting:

The Division of School Improvement and Support:  Reward school recognition process (512) 463-7582 or sis@tea.texas.gov

The Division of Program Monitoring and Interventions: Reward school identification (512) 463-5226 or pmidivision@tea.texas.gov

The Agency thanks you for your commitment and support to the students of Texas.


Sally Partridge
Associate Commissioner
Accreditation and School Improvement