Substitute System of Federal Time-and-Effort Reporting for School Year 2014–2015

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Local educational agencies (LEAs) may now request approval to use the substitute system of federal time-and-effort reporting for the 2014–2015 school year.

All Texas LEAs, including open-enrollment charter schools, may use the substitute system. TEA encourages LEAs to consider using the substitute system.

Substitute System of Federal Time-and-Effort Reporting

The substitute system makes time-and-effort reporting easier for employees who meet the following conditions:

  • Work on more than one federal grant award (that is, who are supported by more than one cost objective)
  • Work on a set schedule
  • Work on only one activity at a time

Traditionally, employees who work on more than one federal grant award documented their time and effort with monthly personnel activity reports (PARs). Under the substitute system, they may use semiannual certifications instead.

Required LEA Management Certification


The US Department of Education requires you to submit a management certification form to TEA before your employees may participate in the substitute system. The management certification form is posted on the Substitute System page of the agency website.

You may submit the management certification throughout the year. The time of submission will determine when you may use the substitute system for the 2014–2015 school year:

To implement the substitute system…

Submit the certification by…

Fall 2014, spring 2015, and summer 2015 semesters

September 4, 2014

Spring and summer 2015 semesters

December 15, 2014

Summer 2015 semester

May 15, 2015


Submit your signed, completed management certification to TEA by email (to, fax (to 512-463-9811), or mail at the following address:

Texas Education Agency
Division of Grants Administration
1701 North Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701

Once LEAs begin submitting the management certification form, TEA will post a list of approved LEAs on the Substitute System page of the agency website.

Submitting the management certification form does not obligate you to use the substitute system. You may submit the form and then choose not to use the system.

Required Employee Schedule and Certification


Participating employees must complete a schedule and sign a certification at least semiannually. This certification is waived for programs covered under the state’s Ed-Flex authority. You keep the completed employee forms; you do not submit them to TEA.

TEA has developed an employee schedule and certification form. It is posted on the Substitute System page of the agency website. The form includes all elements TEA auditors will check. You may use the TEA form, or you may develop your own.

If you develop your own form, ensure it includes all required elements. All your participating employees must use the same form.

For Further Information

The Substitute System page of the agency website links to an FAQ.

For answers to additional questions, email the Division of Grants Administration at


Cory Green
Chief Grants Administrator
Division of Grants Administration