Fingerprinting Requirement: Applicable to All Grantees

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November 22, 2013


SUBJECT:       Fingerprinting Requirement: Applicable to All Grantees

The purpose of this letter is to remind all entities that receive grant funds administered by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) that they are required to comply with the fingerprinting requirement codified in Chapter 22, Subchapter C, of the Texas Education Code (TEC). TEA is prohibited from awarding grant funds to any entity, including nonprofit organizations, that fails to comply with this requirement.

Fingerprinting Requirement

In 2007, the 80th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 9, which requires a variety of personnel having contact with students to be fingerprinted in order to make their criminal history records available to the State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) and/or TEA, as appropriate. Senate Bill 9 was codified in the TEC, Chapter 22, Subchapter C, Criminal History Records.

A grant agreement is a contract. In terms of its grantees, TEA is subject to the same fingerprinting requirements that apply to the contractors of an LEA or SSA. Therefore, also per TEC §22.0834, the fingerprinting requirement applies to any person offered employment by any entity that contracts with TEA or receives grant funds administered by TEA (i.e., a grantee or subgrantee). See the attachment for detailed information about how the requirement applies to different entity types.

Fingerprinting Information and Support

The Fingerprinting for Texas Educators and School District Personnel page of the TEA website provides comprehensive information about the fingerprinting requirement. Grantees should refer in particular to the Instructions for Contractors document, posted under the Information for School District Contractors link on that page.

With any further questions about compliance with the fingerprinting requirement, grantees should contact the program manager or division. Refer to the program guidelines of the RFA (in the Contact for Clarifying Information section) and in the Contact Information section of the TEA Grant Opportunities page for the program manager or division contact information.

With questions about this letter, contact the Division of Grants Administration at


Cory Green, Chief Grants Administrator
Division of Grants Administration