Substitute System of Time and Effort Reporting, Deadline Extension

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 October 7, 2013


SUBJECT: Submissions Being Accepted for Substitute System of Federal Time-and-Effort Reporting for 2013–2014

The purpose of this letter is to inform local educational agencies (LEAs) interested in implementing the substitute system of time-and-effort reporting for the 2013–2014 school year that the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has reopened submissions of the required management certification form.

The management certification form for 2013–2014 is available on the Substitute System page of the TEA website. The new deadline for submitting the required form is November 4, 2013. Please note that there will be no exceptions to this revised deadline.

Required Management Certification
In order for employees to participate in the substitute system, USDE requires that LEAs, including open-enrollment charter schools, submit an annual management certification form to the state educational agency. A Texas LEA may not implement the substitute system without submitting the signed, completed management certification form to TEA by the specified deadline. An LEA may submit the management certification and then decide later not to implement the substitute system.

For Further Information
In addition to the management certification form, see the Substitute System page of TEA’s website for details regarding the substitute system, including the following:
• Link to the September 7, 2012, USDE letter describing substitute system requirements
• TEA-developed employee schedule and certification (to be completed semiannually by the employee and maintained in the local business office)
• PowerPoint presentation from the TETNs presented when the substitute system was implemented
• An FAQ

For answers to questions not addressed in those resources, email the Division of Grants Administration at

Cory Green, Chief Grants Administrator
Division of Grants Administration