Reminder to Request Access to Charter FIRST Application in TEAL

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June 14, 2013
Subject: Reminder to Request Access to Charter FIRST Application in TEAL
To the Charter School Superintendent Addressed:

This letter is a reminder that you must have access to the online Charter FIRST application in the Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) to view your charter school's preliminary 2013 Charter FIRST rating (rating based on 2011-2012 fiscal year information). Preliminary 2013 Charter FIRST ratings will be released this month.

Requesting Access to Charter FIRST Application

To request access to the Charter FIRST application, first log in to the TEAL. You can access the TEAL either by visiting the TEA home page at and clicking the TEASE & TEAL Secure Applications button on the right side or by going directly to the TEAL login page at After you have logged in to your TEAL account, complete the following steps to request access to the Charter FIRST application: 

  1. Click My Application Accounts in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click Request New Account.
  3. Select the  Charter FIRST application (CSSF [Charter School - School FIRST]),  and follow the instructions.

Appealing a Charter FIRST Rating

If your charter school wants to appeal its preliminary rating, it must submit an appeal to the TEA within 30 days of the agency's release of the rating. If we do not receive an appeal of the preliminary rating, the preliminary rating automatically becomes a final rating on the 31st day after its issuance. A final rating may not be appealed. See 19 Texas Administrative Code §109.1002(i) for more information on the appeals process.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Accountability Division in the Office of School Finance at (512) 463-9238 or


Belinda Dyer
Director of Financial Accountability
Office of School Finance