Celebrate GenTX Day, May 3rd 2013

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Superintendents, Texas School Districts and Charter Schools

Raymund A. Paredes, Commissioner of Higher Education
Michael L. Williams, Commissioner of Education

April 18, 2013

Celebrate GenTX Day, May 3rd 2013

Generation TX (pronounced “Generation Texas”) is a statewide movement focused on building a college-going and career-ready culture across the state, supported by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.  Generation TX provides inspiration to students to pursue higher education, as well as valuable information on college readiness and the process of applying for admissions and student financial aid.

In 2011, Generation TX held its first statewide GenTX Day, a celebration of the achievements of Texas students, especially those graduating seniors who are taking the critical next step to continue their education beyond high school.  For the past two years, schools, institutions of higher education, businesses, government officials and communities around the state publicly showed their support for Generation TX by wearing their favorite college T-shirt on GenTX Day. Just by wearing a college t-shirt, each person invites a conversation that offers up their personal story of higher education, choices, and careers – a conversation that could change a student’s life and inspire them to stay on the path to higher education.  

On Friday, May 3, 2013, Generation TX will celebrate its third annual GenTX Day and we want participation to be even higher and more widespread to show that all of Texas supports every student to continue their education.  The GenTX Day theme for this year, “Take a Step on GenTX Day,” is designed to motivate school and community groups to celebrate the day with college enrollment activities that help close educational gaps in their community. We are writing to invite and encourage your district to join in this year’s GenTX Day festivities by promoting Generation TX, asking everyone in your school and community to wear their favorite college T-shirt, hold GenTX Day events on your campuses, and take at least one step towards college on GenTX Day by doing at least one of the following: fill out a college application, take a college tour, and/or be a college mentor.

To learn more about how to participate in GenTX Day and access free GenTX day kits and materials, go to the Generation TX website at www.gentx.org.

While you face countless challenges and competing demands, GenTX Day is an opportunity to enlist the entire community in creating a culture that strengthens your work, simply by wearing a college t-shirt and joining the conversation. We thank you for your commitment to college and career readiness and to the students of Texas.