Program Intent Code for PreK

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Three new program intent codes related to prekindergarten programs will be added to the PEIMS effective with the 2013–2014 PEIMS budget financial data submission and the 2014–2015 PEIMS actual financial data submission. The three new codes are as follows:

  • PROGRAM_INTENT_CODE 33 Prekindergarten – Special Education
  • PROGRAM_INTENT_CODE 34 Prekindergarten – Compensatory Education
  • PROGRAM_INTENT_CODE 35 Prekindergarten – Bilingual Education

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is adding these codes to comply with statutory data collection requirements in the Texas Education Code, §29.1532(c), and to enable the agency to determine compliance with the maximum allowable indirect cost rates for indirect expenditures supporting specific programs (19 Texas Administrative Code §105.11) and compliance with maintenance of effort (MOE) requirements to demonstrate local effort to support educational programs through the expenditure of local operating funds.

The affected records are the 030 District Finance Data – Budget record, which is included in PEIMS Submission 1, and the 032 District Finance Data – Actual record, which is included in PEIMS
Submission 2.

Example records showing the new program intent codes are included in the attachment to this letter. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact either your regional education service center representative or the TEA Financial Accountability Division at or (512) 475-3451.


Belinda Dyer
Financial Accountability, Office of School Finance


Word version of this letter with attachments and examples