Required use of the Texas Student Data System (TSDS) Unique ID System

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Beginning March 25, 2013, the Texas Student Data System (TSDS) Unique ID System will be available for all Local Education Agencies (LEAs – Texas Public School Districts and Open Enrollment Charter Schools) to assign a unique identifier to all students and staff.   TSDS requires all students and staff to have a Unique ID.  Based on the new system requirements, a Unique ID will be required for both legacy and TSDS PEIMS.  The Unique ID System is Phase I of the TSDS project implementation.  All districts and charter schools must implement this first phase of the project by April 8, 2013.

A Unique ID is required for both students and staff in order to load information into the TSDS Education Data Warehouse (EDW).  TEA will create the initial Unique ID database from the existing Person Identification Database (PID).  Once the Unique ID System is in production, no student and staff demographic updates will be made through PID.  All new students and staff will be added to the Unique ID database and all demographic changes will be made through the Unique ID system.  Additionally, Staff Unique ID and Student Unique ID data elements have been added to the Summer and Extended Year PEIMS Collections for the 2012-13 school year (  In order to submit 2012-13 Submission 3 and 4 PEIMS data, all students and staff must have a TSDS Unique ID assigned.

The TSDS Unique ID System provides enhanced matching logic to assist users in reconciling two individuals who have closely matching demographics.  Through a user-friendly interface, LEA Unique ID users will be able to assign IDs and update student and staff demographics in a more efficient and timely manner.

A Unique ID champion has been identified by each Educational Service Center.  These champions will be trained on Unique ID by TEA staff the first week in February.  The ESCs will offer training to LEA staff during the months of February and March.

What Does My LEA Need To Do?

  1. Now:  Contact your source Vendors to ensure they are developing the Batch File process needed to upload the student and staff data for the initial assignment of Unique IDs and import the Unique IDs assigned into their systems.  Vendors should also be adding the student and staff Unique ID data elements to their databases and changing their PEIMS submission extracts for the upcoming PEIMS Submission 3 and 4 collections.  TEA is currently working with many of the vendors on the changes for Unique ID.
  2. February-March, 2013:  Attend training provided by your ESC Unique ID champion.
  3. February-March, 2013:  All TSDS Unique ID users will need a TEAL account.  Further instructions will be available prior to the go-live date.

For more information on the TSDS project, visit the TSDS website:

If you have any questions regarding the TSDS Unique ID System, please contact us at or call 512.463.9229, select Option 1.


Melody Parrish
Statewide Education Data Systems