Texas College & Career online resource(2)

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The purpose of this letter is to inform school districts and open-enrollment charter schools of an exciting new online Texas College & Career (TCC) resource site that will be available to students, parents, and teachers beginning on August 29, 2012 and continuing to August 31, 2013.

TCC is an online college and career planning resource site available at no cost to all Texas secondary students, parents, and educators with access to information regarding college options, college preparation, college admissions, career research, and financial planning. The website, provided in English and Spanish, centralizes all the key planning elements of a student’s post-secondary success, including interactive planning tools and personal portfolio development targeted to grades 6-8 and 9-12, key milestone reminders, and communication tools that link student to counselor to parent.  Additionally, the site includes unique resources designed especially for students who are at-risk.

Training on the use of the tool will begin in October 2012. The training will aid school counselors and educators in accessing TCC resources through its web-site, assisting students and parents/guardians with creating profiles, and assisting students with college and career planning.  Training will be offered through live-webinars and overview sessions throughout the state. TCC training modules and recorded webinars will become another online resource made available through the Project Share gateway. A full training calendar will be available on the TCC website.

For additional information and to sign up to use this resource, visit www.texascollegeandcareer.org or email info@texascollegeandcareer.org.


Anita Givens
Associate Commissioner
Standards and Programs