Automated Waivers Application

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This purpose of this letter is to inform districts and open-enrollment charter schools that, on or around August 1, 2012, the Texas Education Agency (TEA or agency) will implement a new automated waiver application that will replace the current paper-based process.  Effective with the 2012-2013 school year, districts and charter schools will be required to submit all waiver and class size exception requests through the automated system.

To access the automated waiver application, districts must establish TEA Login (TEAL) user accounts.  TEAL is the new secure environment that eventually will replace the current TEA Secure Environment (TEASE) security system.  An overview of the new TEAL system and end user training is available online at  While the automated waiver application has not yet gone into production, district users should prepare for implementation by ensuring that they have established a TEAL account.

Within the TEAL environment, districts will be able to manage any TEA applications for which they have access, including the Waivers application.  If a district superintendent has not already established access to the TEAL system, the following steps must be taken.

  • Request a TEAL account by clicking the Request New User Account link on the TEAL login page and completing the self-registration form.
  • Once you have a TEAL account, request to be a TEAL Primary Approver for your organization.  A TEAL Primary Approver must be identified before other district staff can submit TEAL user requests.  The choice of TEAL Primary Approver role is accessible in TEAL under the Manage Approver Status link at the bottom of the Edit My Profile page.

Superintendents should request a new TEAL user account as soon as possible.  Additionally, other individuals within a district who plan to access and use the Waivers application also should request a new user account following steps similar to those identified above.

On or around August 1, 2012, district users will be able to request access to the new Waivers application.  To request access to this new application in TEAL, users should:

  • Log in to TEAL.
  • Click My Application Accounts under Self-Service.
  • Click Request New Account.
  • Select the Waivers application.
  • When requesting access, identify the application role as District Superintendent or District Editor.  The District Superintendent will be able to enter (as necessary), review, edit, approve, and submit waiver and exception applications.  The District Editor will be able to create and save applications for further review and approval by the District Superintendent.
  • To submit the request for access to the Waivers application, complete all requested information, and save the changes.  When the request is approved, you will receive an email notifying you that the application is available.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  At this time, do NOT link any of your other existing TEASE application accounts to your new TEAL account.  The TEA will advise TEAL users when this is appropriate.

The Waivers application will allow districts to submit a request to the agency only when all required fields have been completed and all edit checks passed.  Districts that submit waiver and exception requests through the automated Waivers application will have the opportunity to print a copy of the submission to be retained at the local level.  However, all agency communication regarding the waiver review and approval process will take place through the automated system.  No paper waiver or class size exception applications will be accepted by the TEA after August 1, 2012.

The TEA will continue to make waiver and exception data available to the public through the TEA website.  Additional information regarding use of the Waivers application and access to related data will be made available to districts in future agency correspondence.

If you have questions or need additional assistance in setting up a TEAL account, please contact  If you have questions regarding the waiver and exception application process for 2012-2013, please contact the State Waivers Unit at
(512) 463-9630 or


Laura Taylor
Associate Commissioner
Accreditation and School Improvement