Kindergarten Readiness System (KRS)

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March 21, 2012


Subject: Kindergarten Readiness System (KRS)

The Texas Education Agency (TEA or Agency), in partnership with Regional Education Service Center (ESC) 17, is pleased to announce the launch of the Kindergarten Readiness System (KRS) for use in objectively certifying the effectiveness of Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs in public schools, Head Start, and licensed child-care settings in preparing children for kindergarten. This highly anticipated system will apply a common set of criteria to each program provider seeking certification, regardless of the type of program or source of funding. High quality programs will be recognized by the state with a “Pre-K Center of Excellence” designation.

The KRS program is offered at no cost to all public schools, Head Start and licensed child care ECE programs that wish to participate. Programs applying to be a Pre-K Center of Excellence will use a straightforward electronic process to submit data. Information from the KRS will inform parents and communities about the positive student impact your ECE program offers. It may also be used to inform parents and community members about how to direct resources within a district or community where they may be most needed.

In determining the Pre-K Center of Excellence designations, an algorithm will be applied to link student records from an ECE program to their corresponding kindergarten literacy results. The new analytic methods will be fully disclosed and publicly available. Additionally, there will be an improved reporting function for participants, including districts, administrators, teachers and ESC staff.

KRS will be available for registration and data entry beginning March 21, 2012 and continuing through May 31, 2012. After that time TEA or its representatives will be in contact with participating providers to finalize data if necessary.


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